Picasso blamed the camera for the fall of fine art.  He then decided to create a new style called cubism where the camera was not needed in order for the artist to share creativity and imagery.  The camera can capture things that are real so as an artist I choose to bring imagination and whimsy to the viewer.  As stated by my son Zach "The worst thing is to be mundane".

I grew up near Chicago, Illinois and later moved to Missouri to earn a BSE in Art Education and later an MSE.  I have been both married and teaching since 1991.  My husband and two grown boys have always been a valuable part of my career as an artist.

My studio has several series going on at the same time and I work on whichever I am in the mood for.  

Once Upon A Time is a merge of famous painters (inspired from teaching art history courses) with well known stories, myths and legends.  This series has been influenced by my mother Cherie, who read many stories to me as a child.  They must have stuck with me.  I combine my memories of them with a fun twist.

My travel series has cityscapes, landscapes and villages from several family adventures.  I recently returned from a European Vacation and have many photo references to sort through.

Family Figures is a personal series rendered in graphite, acrylic and oil paints.

I have also dappled in watercolour, needle felting and chalk pastel with sports and botanical themes.

I do teach group and personal lessons.  Inquire if interested.

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